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"Isn’t it time you eliminated your
obstacles and unleashed your capacity
to burst your brilliance?"


Break through to calm in 2 minutes or less when you feel overwhelmed instead of wanting to scream or screaming and feeling you cannot cope? You can...


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Okay... Everyone who has a perfectly
flowing and calm life, raise your hand high,
really high in the air...

When I ask that question to groups, often I hear a great deal of chuckling and a few comments like 'don't I wish.' The pace and demands of life today test even the strongest souls to their maximum tolerance. Too much to do, not enough time, not enough sleep. Anxiety about money, your business, your job, your children, your aging parents, maybe even your health... The list goes on and on... and on and on...

You can achieve calm! Absolutely! You are in control of your choices and attitudes so take control now and work through
any obstacle or negative and super challenging, sometimes seemingly impossible situation life throws at you by using
my simple tools and methods from

The Break Through to Calm Kit

It's not magic. It only feels like it! By using my simple techniques and tools anyone can break through to calm with little effort and time. Think of it as instant Tai Chi for the mind and spirit, without the learning curve.

Renée Barnow
Renée Barnow

Hi, my name is Renée Barnow.

Many of us have been lost, stuck, overwhelmed, at the edge. I have with the loss of my favorite job, sudden death of my father, my mother’s life changing illness and business pressures.  

We all have life and business demands and most often all at the same time. We want immediate help and don’t know what to do. We want to act, yet get stuck. And, we stay stuck. We promise ourselves that next time will be different and still we get stuck. So, next time is the same.

I created the Break Through to Calm Kit to help others who get lost, stuck in everyday situations to get relief quickly and easily! Any time. Every time.

You already have the capacity and brilliance within you to accomplish this, you simply need to learn to tap into it when you most need it because you may...

  • Be overwhelmed with the pace and demands of daily life
  • Have put your dreams of a new or better business on hold
  • Feel as if you are going through the motions without much joy, fun, peace or happiness
  • Be working hard but not making the money you want to

The Break Through to Calm Kit will teach you how to use your inner power, to break through to calm, release your stress and anxiety and release you from overwhelm.

All this in the time it takes to open a bag of Marshmallows! (and eat a few smile)

Facts about Marshmallows:

The similarity in name between the herb marshmallow and the sweet treat is more than a coincidence, although the modern sugar puff ball no longer bears much relationship to the old-fashioned candy flavored with marshmallow herb.

Besides inspiring makers of campfire food, the marshmallow has also been used medicinally since ancient Greece. Hippocrates spoke of it as a treatment for bruises and blood loss, and subsequent Roman physicians recommended marshmallow for toothaches, insect bites, chilblains, and irritated skin. In medieval Europe, herbalists used marshmallow to soothe toothaches, coughs, sore throats, chapped skin, indigestion, and diarrhea.

Source: Florida Institute of Neuroscience

Memory FoamThey omitted one really important fact–Marshmallows are squishy! Like a memory foam mattress, they bounce back to their original shape. They have resilience.

When life squeezes you, puts you under what feels like stress, my Break Through to Calm Kit helps you to be resilient, laugh at the everyday situations, enabling you to tune out the noise of negativity and obstacles to reach your inner core of strength, wisdom and calm.

Let my Break Through to Calm Kit open you up to a whole new perspective, attitude and lifestyle with tools to create a squishy 'calmoshpere' that will surround you and support you so you can quickly bounce back instead of feeling at your wits' end, hopeless and defeated.

Follow my simple steps and in 2 minutes or less, Break Through to Calm melts away stress so you can:

  • Turn off mental clutter
  • Turn on peace and quiet
  • Focus on your limitless potential and possibilities!

Now is the time to become unstuck, eliminate stress, relax and focus!

Break Through to Calm

Break Through to Calm Package

Break Through to Calm Kit is unique—focuses on specific experiences to help you.

Here's what's included in the kit and a few of the benefits:

1. Break Through to Calm with More Marshmallow Meditations, the book of meditations...Each meditation is designed to evoke a soft, mellow marshmallow-y feeling so that you become your own marshmallow. Includes five simple steps on how to do it, maybe in less time than it takes to open a bag of marshmallows.

2. My Marshmallow Moments, a journal in which you can capture moments when you are lost or stuck—these creep up or grab us as we go about the daily activities of living—and create your own meditations. Journaling is a powerful tool and offers a place for immediate writing and for reflecting later.

3. A recording of the book with musical interludes. Load them onto your MP3 player and you have a portable sanctuary available to you anytime you need to break through to calm. Next bad commute instead of shaking your fist and shouting (awful) things to rude drivers, you'll be going 'mmmmmm' (my version of om).

4. A Break Through to Calm Facilitator’s Guide for people who want to conduct programs based on the meditations. Perfect if you want to help friends or family or if you want to compliment and add value to your other offerings. Totally adaptable for those who already offer a similar service.

Plus These Bonuses:

15-minute Break Through to Calm phone session with Renéethe Agent of Calm will personally fast track you to calm so you can be your best and better serve others.

The Break Through to Calm with More Marshmallow Meditations Card SetUltra portable help at your fingertips. Pull one at random when you feel stress to regain your calm.

How Much Is My Investment?

Less than a cup of coffee a day for one month! I have invested vast resources putting this kit together and priced it so as many of you as possible can afford it and benefit from it.

You'll pay only: $97.00 USD (plus shipping & handling)

The bonuses alone would normally cost $125.

Sustainable results are PRICELESS.

Okay, back to all of you who raised your hands high in the air to my first question, those of you who are calm. I'd like to tell why you need this package.

Two wordsFacilitator's Guide. You get it already, so take the next step and help others. Share what you have achieved. You can help your family, your community and your friends and at the same time you will receive the most wonderful giftthe joyful feeling of having helped and made their lives better.

You can also use it in your businessHow?

  • Helping and service-based professionals who facilitate groups can use Break Through to Calm as discussion starters or when group members want support for situations in which they are lost or stuck
  • If you conduct workshops or training programs, in addition to the activities in the Facilitator‘s Guide, invite participants to expand on the meditations in words or art or music or dance
  • Managers of professional services firms can use Break Through to Calm in weekly staff meetings
  • Clergy can use Break Through to Calm from the pulpit if inside a house of worship or outside in nature‘s house of worship.

Here is what other people are saying…

Julie Flemming

"…Reading about her experience and the Marshmallow Meditations she created to help her feels like being wrapped in a huge, warm hug by a supportive friend…"

~Julie A. Fleming, J.D.,

Doris Helge

"…Renée walks her talk and she’s on a mission to bring more joy and light into the world…"

~Doris Helge,

Soleira Green

"Agent of Calm, Renée Barnow, takes you through lost to found, stressed to calm, in fun, easy journeys that will delight you completely! More Marshmallow Meditations is for those who savor the journey of discovery to a full and wonderful life."

~Soleira Green,
Visionary Network,

Rachel Neumann

"…The ‘technique’ is innovative and fun—like a game; takes the confusion out of ‘The Game of Life!’ Okay, now the test—does it actually work to take the confusion out of the challenge, the situation, the stuckness or the lostness? …Certainly lightened my heart and perhaps it will sweeten some of the strictness of life also…Especially memorable and adorable illustrations that capture the imagination: wonderful memory aides for the anxious, grumpy and fearful, and who doesn’t need that?"

~Rachel Neumann,

Jean Caton

"...Renée exudes calm. Simply listening to and reading her wise words guarantees that you life will seem sweeter and softer immediately."

~Jean Caton,
The Business Woman’s Coach,

Tracy Tobler

"… Her step-by-step profoundly simple advice and guidance can be applied to any situation. Moments ago I used it when dealing with a family situation. I was able to maintain my calm and stay centered amidst what could be perceived as highly dramatic. Thanks Renée for the inner peace!…"

~Tracy Tobler,
Holistic Cash Flow Strategist,

Cathi Harley

"…perfect companion to your best daily practices…through her delightful sense of humor and transparency in her life story Renée has given us all hope that the break through to calm is only 2 minutes away…"

~Cathi Harley,
Queen Bee of Marketing,

Hazel Palaché

"A really beautiful and calming book of meditations. Renée speaks from her heart. Whether it‘s fear, overwhelm or generally feeling stuck, Renée encourages you not to give up and to use all challenges as opportunities for learning. The meditations will help you to bring peace and harmony into all areas of your life."

~Hazel Palaché,
Mind Mastery and Business Expert,

Sus Kongsbak Larsen

"In More Marshmallow Meditations, based on the concept of GRACE (Gratitude, Respect, Acceptance, Choice, and Embrace), our Agent of Calm and Mindset Reset Expert, Renée Barnow, has masterfully compiled her reflections on not giving up and finding strength in the face of life‘s challenges. The meditations will help readers appreciate the perfection in situations."

~Sus Kongsbak Larsen,

Tya Bolton

"Renée, you are so genius! The methodologies in your book helped me stay cool, calm and collected during the additional two hours I had to sit in traffic! Honestly, I didn‘t think there was any technique to help deal with my number one pet peeve, TRAFFIC! Thank you for affecting my commute in such a positive way. I‘m excited to apply your work in other areas as well."

~Tya Bolton,
Administrative Extraordinaire!,

Will you continue struggling when you feel lost or stuck and overwhelmed?

Will you continue going from one day to the next without being calm missing the fun and joy of being in business?

Will you continue being hard on yourself and others?

Or will you take action today to break through to calm? Go from manic to marshmallow to money in minutes!

Melt Stress Away Immediately & Relax Now
with the Break Through to Calm Kit.

Get Instant Access to this
Limited Quantity Special

YES Renée, Please send me the
Break Through to Calm Kit
at this special introductory price of $97.00 USD
(plus shipping & handling).

Break Through to Calm with

  • Break Through to Calm with More Marshmallow Meditations, the book
  • My Marshmallow Moments, a journal
  • Audio of the book with musical interludes.
  • Break Through to Calm Facilitator’s Guide

Plus these bonuses:

  • 15-minute Break Through to Calm phone session with Renée
  • The Marshmallow Meditations Card Set

30-Day Money Back GOLDEN GUARANTEE—If you are not completely satisfied with your Break Through to Calm Kit including the bonus break through phone session, you will receive a total refund.

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International Orders - $97.00 USD + $15.97 S&H

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Serenely Yours,
Renee's Signature
Renée Barnow

P.S. Isn't it time you stopped feeling overwhelmed and got unstuck?

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